Play This Ya Bastard!

Do They Owe Us A Living?

A fast manic batucada version of this song opens our first album Never Mind The Bossa Nova. This time, it is approached from the reverse. Given a slow samba reggae treatment, Bloco Vomit have succeeded in performing the fastest and slowest version of this punk classic from Crass. Gare Rama on vocals.

Sweet Transvestite

The Rocky Horror Show meets Samba Punk. Why not? With reference, of course to our stage dressing habits. This is quiet a theatrical pieces and is given justice by opera trained, Lady Lovelace.

Wild Thing/Louie Louie

A medley to round the album off, with some more maracatu. Cherry Parsnip sings Wild Thing and Gare Rama, Louie Louie. The latter is probably one of the most covered songs in the world, last count over a thousand.

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