Play This Ya Bastard!

Have Love Will Travel

The first of our 2 Richard Berry pieces on this album, this was inspired by a garage punk version from the Sonics. It is samba garage punk with a hint of hip-hop. Cherry Parsnip sings this piece.

Not Fade Away

This song is drowning in 3/2 clave, the most popular of Brazilian rhythms - an obvious song to cover. Throw a bit of maracatu in the works and hey presto! This piece has been well recorded, notably the Rolling Stones and Buddy Holly. Gare Rama on vocals.

California Uber Alles

A punk classic! Originally recorded by the Dead Kennedys. There is an Edinburgh connection here as the single was originally released on Fast Product records, based in Edinburgh.

The rhythm used here is mostly co-co, another popular Brazilian rhythm. Jal Frezi sings this one.

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