Never Mind The Bossa Nova - Here's Bloco Vomit

Oh Bondage Up Yours!

A single by X-Ray Spex. In their lifetime they produced more anthems, such as Germ Free Adolescent and Identity.

Mostly in the style of batucada, with a bluesy bit in the middle. Esther takes the mic again, with a bit of ad-lib.

Love Lies Limp

Originally released as a punk-reggae by Alternative TV (ATV), who the present writer feels were one of the best bands from that time. This song first appeared on a flexi-disc free with the fist punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue whose author was the bands front-man Mark Perry. It later appeared as the b-side of Life, an anthem single if ever there is one! ATV released a varied selection of recordings, some very experimental and left us with a few more singles to spin, notably Action Time Vision, How Much Longer? and another reggae piece Life After Life.

A fast samba reggae. Through its lyrical nature, it caused BURBS to put a warning on a CD this song appeared on, regarding offensive lyrics. Lady Lovelace appearing on vocals.

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