group photo before playing Abril Pro Rock In April 2000, Bloco Vomit went to Brazil, playing Recife Abril Pro Rock, Sao Paulo and Rio.

This was not the first time, the Voms had played there. In February 1997, members traveled with the Edinburgh Samba School to Olinda to perform as Bloco Escoses for carnival.

Bloco Vomit received media attention in 1999, when featured in a music magazine Showbizz. They were soon offered a record contract with Trama Records.

  • Sunday April 9th: Recife with Otto, Cabruera, Comadre Florzinha etc.
  • Wednesday April 12th: visit to Manguenius Studios, where Chico Science made his last recording
  • Friday April 14th: Online Interview at Universo Online, Sao Paulo
  • Monday April 17th: Woodstock Bar, Sao Paulo
  • Tuesday April 18th: appearance on Musikaos TV (Have Love Will Travel, Love Lies Limp and California Uber Alles)
  • Wednesday April 19th: appearance on MTV Supernova (Have Love Will Travel and Should I Stay or Should I Go)
  • Wednesday April 19th: live interview on Mauricio Valladares's radio show
  • Friday April 21st: appearance on TV Educativa ( Should I Stay or Should I Go, Have Love Will Travel and Teenage Kicks)
  • Friday April 21st: The Ballroom, Rio de Janeiro, with Sheikh Tousado and Vulgue Tolstoi
  • Saturday April 22nd: Cantareira, Niteroi: flooded out!