Bloco Vomit in Rio - Part 1

an advert for the Rio gig an advert for the Rio gig

From Mike's work, back in Edinburgh while most of the band swan about Brazil:

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 18:44:55

It wasn't so easy to get to email in Rio which is why there has been no news for a while.

We arrived in Rio and were met by Pedro Serra who is responsible for Bloco Vomit going to Brazil.

TV in Rio (The story is that he came across our first CD when in a record shop in London and became interested enought to read the sleeve notes and when he read that it was dedicated to Chico Science he decided to buy it. On getting back to Brazil he asked the editor of Showbiz magazine if they would be interested in an article on a bunch of crazy scots who played mangue beat music and they said "absolutely". The rest just kind of snowballed from there.)

We got to the hotel in Copacabana and pretty much everyone seemed to collapse. Twelve days of solid drinking taking its toll. I got a fever and went to bed so others probably have more stories to tell at this point than me which I'm sure will come out later.

The next day Friday was the big day in Rio with a TV appearance on a live TV show and a big gig and most of us were still completely frazzled (I was feeling so ill that I was worried about being able to play the gig at all).

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