Bloco Vomit Leaves Brazil

Date: Wed, 3rd May 2000 20:44:14

(Brazilian Limes shortage expected to last two months).

OK we're all back now, and suffering from the most severe culture shock, three week caipirinha hangover and jet lag. It appears I had a wife, two kids AND a job here in Edinburgh, all along! Boy was that a surprise. They even recognised me. The wife wasn't too delighted with the coconut fibre table cloths, but they'll please the mother-in-law, and the kids were pleased with the Brazilian football and the scale model of Olinda. Meanwhile I have a hide-skin pandeiro that may never be taken out of its bag, two bottles of "51" cacacha and a bottle of homemade cacacha from Minais Gerais.

We'll bring you uptodate on the last two weeks of the tour once recovered, answering the questions everyone wants to know:

Who got ill and who recovered
Who wears Calvin Klein underwear
Who fell out with whom (subject to agreement)
Who got a maracatu beater stuck up the fundamental orifice
What happened on the TV shows
Caipirinhas - a Survey
Who wore pyjamas in Rio de Janeiro
The visit to the Mangueira Samba School quadra
Who took only two pairs of underwear, one his wife's knickers, and what colour did they become?
Who had a vision from the maracatu god
Who dreamt that Mr Beat and Annie Climax got married
John Cooper Clarke - the Brazilian connection
Visit to the Contemporanea Factory
etc etc

jack arede-parede

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