What the press say . . .

Another damn near essential band hailing from Scotland's capital ... Imagine Los Pistoles Sexualez or Gloria Estefan wearing a ripped bin bag and drinking snakebite ... Punk's not dead, it just learned to samba - Headcleaner

Guaranteed to be a huge hit - the List

A riot of seven-foot multiracial dominatrices in multicoloured ostrich feathers and PVC dancing on the palms of Rio's giant Jesus - Misfit City

A fine selection of UK punk standards from the golden era, with added blattering of Brazilian Afro-Bloc style drumming ... Splendidly noisy - Folk Roots

Stimulating and sometimes brilliant - SHOWBIZZ, Brazil

Love Lies Limp does seriously carry a PARENTAL WARNING, but it's also bloody awesome! - BURBS Radio

Absolutely fantastic...this bizarre sound is the most original thing I've heard in ages. - Sampler Magazine (Rating - "Wow")

The kind of from-nowhere brainwave that caused Tortelvis to kick off Dred Zeppelin .... an incredible bass sound ... excellent record - Robots and Electronic Brains

The spirit of Brazil 1970 meeting the sound of Britain 1977 head-on. - Glasgow Subcity Radio (Album of the Week)

These guys are very talented and I'm sure they'll last for a while or maybe until eternity .... From the guitars to the drums onto the horns, it's arranged perfectly. - Beats E-Zine

Groundbreaking fusion of the two musical forms - New Musical Express

The most original band I've heard for years, full on Samba punk ... Super live band, well worth checking out - PUNK SHOCKER

The Brazilian, Skanky, Festival feel dished out by this band works surprisingly well ... almost classic ... it's just so damn bizzare - it's actually good!! - Kontrol!

it is so cool its unbelievable- Mass Murder

Absolutely amazing! Pretty eclectic, too.- Pop Culture Detox

'Should I Stay or Should I Go' comes across like the Clash backed by the drummers of Burundi- Jock Rock

Brilliantly Bizarre. Top Stuff - Listen

The seductive rhythms of the Copacabana - Scotland on Sunday

You owe it to yourself to see these guys, because you haven't lived until you do - Edinburgh Evening News

Simply great fun, and they're apparently riotously entertaining live - Rock'n'Reel

Hey, Blocovomit, wild, brilliant stuff!!! Nice one -Tom Robinson

That's British folk music - I really like it - Charlie Gillett, Greater London Radio

Take off that T shirt, and who the fuck are Bloco Vomit anyway!?! - Courtney Love, Glastonbury 1999