Never Mind The Bossa Nova - Here's Bloco Vomit

Gambinda Nova

A traditional maracatu rhythm from Pernambuco. This was recorded by Nacao Pernambuco Maracatu.

This is the first maracatu that the voms recorded. A rhythm that has heavily influenced their sound. Members of the band have visited Olinda and Recife, where they have been taught maracatu first hand in carnival. They have also 2 honoury members of the band, Ze and Claudio, who have helped develop the maracatu element. A musical movement originating from Recife, manguebeat mix maracatu with punk, hip-hop, grunge etc. This movement was started by Chico Science, who has remained a strong influence on Bloco Vomit.

The vocals are a three-part harmony, provided by Lady Lovelace, Mr E Beat and Gare Rama

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Think most people know this song. Originally recorded by The Clash in 1982. The voms give it a cocktail of samba reggae and batucada. Gare Rama sings this.


Originally by Jonathon Richman and the Modern Lovers. The percussion is inspired by samba hip-hop, maracatu and a fast bicycle. The Sex Pistols also covered this on The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle album. Gare Rama takes to the vocal booth once more.

DT's in Droichead

When we toured Ireland we played at a samba festival in Drogheda (Droichead). We took part on a carnival parade and had to learn this complicated break with Dudi Tucci. Here it is in vom style and Cherry Parsnip screws it up.

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