Play This Ya Bastard!

Carnival in Olinda

The first of our own compositions. Lyrics by Lady Lovelace, music by Lady Lovelace and Hanley Crouch. The lyrics are written funnily enough about carnival in Olinda, which some members of the band played at in 1997 with O Bloco Escoces. (The Edinburgh Samba School

Lovelace says:

In true stiff upper lip fashion, takes the piss out of something very special to us. Started life as a punk poem until Ian suggested it was set to music - had to be maracatu.

Something Else

Originally recorded by Eddie Cochrane about 20 years before punk. This is given a fast portido alto treatment with Gare Rama on vocals. This was also recorded on The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle album by the Sex Pistols.

Methadone Maracatu

An instrumental composed by the band, split into 3 sections. Though, the first part features Jack Arade-Parede, reciting anarchist propaganda, authored by Makhnovschina, with a bit of subliminal back-masking. The whole piece is rather discordant and disturbing, but rhythmically, there is a lot of maracatu going on.

The piece has since been re-recorded as O Encontro de Ian Heavens com Chico Science No Ceu.

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