Bloco Vomit in Recife - Part 3

Thu, 13 Apr 2000 13:34:48, having feijoada and caipirinhas before taking the flight to Sao Paulo

jack playing at April Pro Rock Requests for a full gig-report? Probably the sense was sent with STEVE - sorry about that; but he was terribly suffering: on the runs from all city-runs (to buy money, CD´s and maracatu-beaters. Of course the best bits were left behind. Remember, Selma "Ha-Ha" do Coco, the woman singing on the square high up down-town. Bloco Escoces dancing on the first row? [Afterwards, some capoeirista´s were going mental and we all moved on to the ´Mangue-beat´-garden where they announced Chico Science´s crash and the fun of the evening turned into a silent retreat into darkness (before it was been blown away next day by the ghetto-blasters from every streetcorner-bar-casa.) ]. Well, yesterday I forgot to buy a CD with Selma de coco and other Olinda bands (not only Frevo..) which I found out when the people at the Mangenius-studio asked me what we had picked ... I was so sure it had been in my pile of choice. And her original CD´s seemed all sold out. Like so many other interesting stuff. There were two photographers with contacts. Some shots defenitely gave away our fun of playing at the festival (A shot of me - fullgrinned - through the chocalho). All people we meet -at Mangenius, in the record-shops, co-artists at the hotel (Otto -who is going to lend us a surdo in Sao Paulo)- react very enthusiastically.

Caipirinha stand at April Pro Rock They liked the gig..and we are all crazy.. (As usual, it is hard to convince people that a serious concept of reconstructive-anarchism forms the base of the energetic BV-faff; whenever you explain this they think it is part of the nonsense-act.. Luckily you all know better!). Wandering through town after an exhausting money-change-manouvre we walked into a small dead-ended arcade with a sign at the end saying "Rock-CD". It was a CD-rental place. All cases being written over with signatures. Video´s of previous ABR-festivals and compilations with participating bands. Sudenly the guys asks whether we were BV. A nice broken-english and portuguese stammer exchange learned that he was part of the company producing the compilations. Pictures were taken for the wall of fame (like yesterday in Mangenius- where Chico Science had recorded his last musical lines celebrating his pernambuco-roots). He will send us this years ABR compilation. We learned that he was desperate for our second CD. In 98, Ze had given him our first- which we had to sign now. A similar spontaneously encounter we experienced yesterday-night. Not only with the Mangenius people we had dinner with (and a photo-shoot with the cachaca bar as main decor- like in a pub showing all the highland malts). After a crazy bus-ride (do you know that all Brazilian Formula 1 aces -like Senna or Fitipaldi - started their career as bus-drivers on night-shift?) to Recife Antigua (downtown, the Isle close to the harbour) we ended up in the bar Pinho de Copacabana which is run by the guy who announced all the acts on ABR.


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