Bloco Vomit in Recife - Part 2

Sun, 9 Apr 2000 12:29:07

Hey up,
I just wanted to send this painful reminder that we are in Brazil!!!!!!! :-)

All is going well and we arived in one piece, incredibly. Its quite hot and the rain has been amazing, Im talking serious flooding!! The caipirinhas are living up to their incredible standards here, they really blow your head off.

So far we have devised a vital check-list for moving around the place: Passport, tickets, money, Gary......OK lets go. We did manage to loose Ian within 10 mins of leaving the airport......much to everyones relief. However he did catch up to us at the hotel.

In true British tourist style Ian managed to get himself well sun-burned within the 1st 24 hrs. No other casualties so far, apart from a few hangovers this morning. Mikes really suffering, Haha! Weve been staying at Zes and making use of the swiming pool - life is tough. Soon we have to head off for our sound-check for the big show this evening. We were at Abril Pro Rock last night checking out the other bands, there was an amazing amount of thrash - not our style, but tonight is supposed to be a bit more mellow.

TV interview after the April Pro Rock gig

Gary, Rob and Esther being interviewed by MTV at April Pro Rock

After today things should get a lot more mellow and well hopefully have lots more time to chill-out and have a look around Recife and do a bit of shopping!

Weve been looking at some of the carnival photos - nice dress, Matt.

Thats all Ive got time for now folks.

May the maracatu be with you.



Wed, 12 Apr 2000 20:44:14

We're here at Manguenius, the studio where Chico Science made his last album before he died, and I'm totally shitfaced. Today, Esther and Aileen were absolutely hammocked ..Life is sweet.

The Caipirinha's revenged after the Abril Pro Rock. Vomit was green not Orange which is a shame...

We went to see a roots maracatu band playing and were told by people who heard our music in Recife, that we were not in fact playing what they knew as maracatu? Not so strange really after all the caipirinhas that were consumed pre-gig. We take that to mean that what we played was not traditional music but that didn't matter cause they enjoyed it anyway....Good on em!!!!


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