Bloco Vomit in Sao Paulo - Part 3

Waiting in MTV studios Jack Arede-Parede here - another day, my birthday!!! Spending it hanging around being interviewed and at the TV studios, not bad for 43. Due to go out live soon, Annie Climax is going to punch me for making sexist comments ... will have to think long and hard to invent some ... so who knows. A quietish night yesterday after serious hangovers resulting from the Monday gig at the Woodstock Bar. Lunatic Brazilian teenagers shrieking for their idols and ignoring us at TV-Cultura yesterday, until they heard our version of California Uber Alles, stage diving and even nicking Laura´s surdo beater as a Bloco Vomit the Woodstock they wanted the Bloco Vomit banner and Jaspers COW T shirt...lots of tatooed ladies here at MTV and a huge poster of Chico Science. Trying to get the live recording at Abril Pro Rock to see if it is good enough for an friend SALLY from New Zealand turned up yesterday (we squatted together in 1979) and is now official "Hanley and Jack" minder. Off to Rio tomorrow, Trama have been really good to us here, paid all meals and hotel and loaded us with free CDs and we have been working hard to promote the album and having fun at the same time. ciao!


On TV in Sao Paulo

Appearance on Musikaos TV

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