What Is Samba Punk?

The Music

gare rama Within no time at all. Bloco Vomit's stage appearance and music improved. The first cd Never Mind The Bossa Nova - Here's Bloco Vomit explored mostly interesting punk covers, from the ever popular "Teenage Kicks" to the obscurer "Love Lies Limp". The pieces cover their reporte from 1996 - 1997. The next album Play This Ya Bastard mixed more Brazilian rhythms with garage, rock'n'roll, r'n'b and Rocky Horror, whilst becoming more creative in the use of Maracatu. Their first two original pieces: Carnival in Olinda and Methadone Maracatu are evidence. In December 1999, they recorded 4 tracks that were to become .vom. It features a rendition of Man Who Sold The World featuring djembe and a smaller, laid back "bloco" playing Afoxe, and another of their own pieces "No Immunity" which starts off like a slow Partido Alto and gradually turns into a crescendo of manic batucada.

They are at present breaking in new drummers and working on new material. Who knows what we have in store!

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