Samba Punk

Bloco Vomit mix various rhythms from Brazil with primarily punk ... but throw some reggae, r'n'b, rock and garage into their sickly brew. Their percussion arrangement is like that of a small Brazilian bateria, with 10 - 12 drummers. This is accompanied with trumpet, guitar, vocals and (sometimes) bass.

They started throwing up samba punk in 1995, in Edinburgh. With 3 CDs to date - Never Mind The Bossa Nova - Here's Bloco Vomit, Play This Ya Bastard! and .vom. This comprises of a diverse collection of covers from as far a field as Crass to Eddie Cochrane to Patti Smith. They have also written some of their own material. In the UK, they run their own record label X-Creature Productions. They are signed to Trama Records in Brazil.

Bloco Vomit are best experienced live. A colourful bunch, attired in odd costumes and cross dressing, exuding raw energy that is characteristic of both punk and samba. They have played throughout the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam, Portugal and Spain. In 2000 they played at Roskilde Festival in Denmark and toured Brazil, playing in Recife for the April Pro Rock festival, Sao Paulo and Rio.